Welcome to the Spokane Food Policy Council!

Spokane joins other cities all across the United States that are evaluating their local food systems in an effort to improve access and quality of food for their residents and to determine their ability to provide food during economic, environmental and climatic challenges.

The Spokane region is on its way to creating a vibrant local food system where:

  • our economy will grow and we will be a more resilient community
  • people, from growers to eaters, are committed to seeing everyone who lives here has access to healthy food
  • our natural resources are protected

The Spokane Food Policy Council develops policy recommendations that:

  • promote health
  • sustain and strengthen the local and regional food system
  • engage with agriculture, business, communities and governments in the region


The Spokane Regional Food System Inventory, written by members of the Spokane Food Policy Council (SFPC), is a broad assessment of the Spokane regional food system in 2016–the first of its kind for Spokane.

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