Reducing Food Waste

Why Reduce Food in the Waste Stream: Food Waste makes up the majority of commercial waste in Spokane County. Due population growth and expanding industrial activity we have created new and ever-mounting problems involving solid waste materials. It is necessary to change manufacturing and purchasing practices, waste generation behaviors that reduce the amount of waste that becomes a governmental responsibility. Through this process we can save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, cut waste management costs, and protect the environment.

Current status: Spokane County

You can save money on your garbage bill by turning your kitchen and yard waste into compost. It is an excellent product to enhance your garden beds or lawn.

  • In Spokane, master composters teach citizens how to compost their own kitchen, yard and garden waste.
  • Here are directions for Composting with Worms.
  • Spokane County has instituted a Food Scrap and Food-Soiled Paper Collection program associated with the clean green cart for residents that do not care to have a home compost pile.
  • The Green Zone is a free, public outdoor and indoor learning center located at the Washington State University/Spokane County Extension offices. See their section on composting