The Spokane Food Policy Council advances policies and initiatives that ensure strong economic opportunities throughout the food system.

The Spokane region is located in the midst of an agricultural area, but very few crops and livestock grown here feed our residents.

  • We spend $1.5 billion each year buying food from outside our region and only $4.2 million buying locally grown food
  • We can create a more resilient local food system while strengthening our economy if we eat locally grown food
  • Our food dollars will stay in our community, creating a stronger economy

Unfortunately, several barriers to this sort of economic vitality exist:

  • Spokane regional farmers are aging and the region needs more programs to train our future farmers
  • There is also limited local infrastructure for small local growers to process and distribute their food in Spokane County
  • A lack of access to USDA certified meat processors and a fruit and vegetable processing plants

In 2013-2014 Ken Meter did an agricultural economic study of the seven county region of northeastern WA including Spokane County. Click below for the reports!