Natural Resources

The Spokane Food Policy Council advances policies and initiatives that ensure stewardship of natural resources while supporting a healthy food system.

  • Food production is dependent on natural resources such as soil, water and pollinators. In our region all are in decline.
  • Tilling practices have caused extensive water and wind erosion in local soils.
  • The soils in the Palouse are becoming acidic, due to heavy applications of nitrogen fertilizers, which is limiting the ability to grow wheat.
  • While the Spokane metro area is blessed with a plentiful aquifer, outlying areas have dropping water tables and wells are going dry.
  • All available surface water has been allocated. These pressures will increase withdrawal from the Spokane Valley Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer.
  • Outdated water right laws do not give agricultural purposes a preference and farmers do not have access to enough water.
  • Since the 1950s farmland has decreased from 72% to 47% of total land available.
  • Pollinator populations have been crashing– ninety percent of all food crops are dependent on them.