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The Spokane Food Policy Council advances policies and initiatives that ensure all people are able to participate in the food system in a healthy, equitable and culturally relevant manner.

In Spokane County,:

  • 64% of all adults are obese or overweight
  • About 15% of adults are food insecure which means they are not sure where their next meal will come from
  • Poverty and lack of easy access to grocery stores contribute to this problem
  • Many people do not know how to eat well or how to cook

New school programs (scratch-cooking, breakfast after the bell, healthy snacks in class, and free fruits and vegetables) are being introduced, to address those alarming statistics which impact children in Spokane County, but much more should be done to teach both adults and children the importance of healthy eating habits.

Nearly every culture has its own food. What one eats, how it is prepared and served are important cultural identities. Having culturally appropriate food is an important aspect of a healthy food system. Wild foods are culturally important for many people and must be preserved.

Food Councils in Washington State

  1. Kitsap County Food Policy Council
  2. Clark County Food System Council
  3. Puget Sound Regional Food Policy Council
  4. South Sound Food System Network

Spokane Community Food Connections

  • Spokane Community Gardens-
    • Community gardens are small plots of land in urban or rural areas owned by local government or private landowners and made available for gardening. Neighbors, community members or specific groups such as schools, churches or businesses use the land to grow food for consumption, education and donation to people in need. This link will take you to the Spokane Community Garden website.
  • Farmers Markets
  • Food Banks
  • W.S.U. County Extension
  • Farm to School
  • Food Rescue
    • Feed Spokane
    • Edible Tree Project
  • Community and Commercial Kitchens

Regional Plans

  • City of Spokane’s Comprehensive Plan (2015)
    • Spokane Food Policy Council’s input for the 2017 comprehensive plan update
  • Spokane County Comprehensive Plan (2014)
  • The land use chapter of the Spokane Food Assessment shows how comprehensive plans and zoning ordinances can and do shape Spokane County, City of Spokane and City of Spokane Valley food systems

    Recommendations for planning a better Spokane County food system

    1. Integrate a Food Chapter within comprehensive plans (Spokane City & County)
    2. Make land use more flexible for improving food access, with special emphasis on residentially-zoned areas
    3. Encourage new farmers to produce within Spokane County and the City of Spokane
    4. Use economic development tools to build a profitable local food system

    For a comprehensive review of a local food policy plan, see

    For a comprehensive review of a state-wide food policy plan, see

    For a statement by the American Planning Association, Policy Guide on Community and Regional Food Planning.